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the merlin to my arthur

"The best quality [of Hoechlin] is the support, loyalty, very unconditional love and friendship. And the most annoying quality would be … he’s just so damn fucking good looking!" - JR Bourne

L.A. Love (La La)

L.A. Love (La La) - Fergie


Whatever happens from now, promise me one thing. Storm, Scott, Jean… you’ll look out for these names and protect them.

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David Stephenson - Domes (1993-2005)

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Outtakes/Bloopers from Hot Fuzz

make me choosesmccalls asked

scerek or stallison

    I want to not be scared! That night in the school, I felt utterly weak, like I needed someone to come in and rescue me. I hate that feeling. I want to feel stronger than that. I want to feel powerful.

God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes, for when they shall rise from the dead they are as a n g e l s which are in h e a v e n.”

October 10th, 2014: Arriving at LAX in Los Angeles, California

Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey Strips Down to His Underwear for Ellen’s Dunk Tank Challenge!

Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey Strips Down to His Underwear for Ellen’s Dunk Tank Challenge!

get to know me meme: [3/5] movies - divergent

Becoming fearless isn’t the point. That’s impossible. It’s learning how to control your fear, and how to be free from it.

these are a few of my favorite thingstv shows - avatar: the last airbender
"My grandmother used to tell me stories about the old days, a time of peace when the Avatar kept balance between the Water Tribes, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, and Air Nomads. But that all changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar mastered all four elements. Only he could stop the ruthless firebenders. But when the world needed him most, he vanished."